As technology improves almost daily it seems, there are many ways to utilize this technology to help your business operate. Profits are essential for future growth to a company as well.  By combining technology with the idea of profits and ROI businesses can benefit greatly.

There are different ways to increase profits depending on the business, but one universal way is to decrease Telecom expenses. Here are 3 ways to lower your monthly telecom expenses:

  1. Evaluate and Re-Shop – Many companies purchase their phone and internet services and never look back. Year in and out they continue to pay for the same service that may have fulfilled their needs and may have been a “Great Deal” then, but that was then this is now. There are different ways to deliver phone and internet services. There are also many different providers, some great and some not so great. Now is the time to Shop around or consult a professional to perform a comprehensive analysis of your current business telecom situation. Some telecom companies will do this for free of charge.


  1. Outsource – Outsourcing is a great way to lower overall telecom cost. Having a fulltime IT personnel on staff produces high cost to simply manage and maintain your IT needs. A great alternative is to move storage, services and software to the cloud. Yes, you can even have your phone system and services in cloud. This allows for easy budget management, eliminates the need to maintain and manage the server and its programs.



  1. Unify and Consolidate – Businesses with multiple locations and remote workers can greatly reduce monthly overhead telecom cost. For example, if your company has offices in different states and or cities consolidating “phone lines” and “phone system” to be universal, shared or unified. This will reduce telecom costs on average 50%.

Not only will these 3 highly effective ways lower telecom costs, but it will also increase your company’s overall communications amongst colleagues and increase customer service satisfaction. I would recommend consulting a trusted telecom professional.