3CX Cloud Hosting | 3CX Cloud Server

Advanced Features without the added cost!

Looking to upgrade your current phone solution? Tired of purchasing a phone system that is out-dated within a couple years? Superior Eagles 3CX Cloud Hosting Solution has the answer. With your 3CX Hosted solution you get a “Always” up to date phone system fully supported and managed. 

3CX Hosted is a great way to get all the benefits of a “On Premise” phone system, with a reduced added cost of maintaining the PBX server with updates, upgrades and hardware. With our 3CX Cloud Hosting we manage all that for you.

Not only does this eliminate the added cost of maintaining the system, it also reduces hardware cost. Also, Cluttered phone closest are a thing of the past with 3CX Cloud Hosting.

Other added benefits of 3CX Cloud Hosting are:

  • Easily Budget Management for Telecom Cost.
  • Unlimited Extensions.
  • It Grows As Your Business Grows
  • Failover Solution when you have Internet or business has Power Outage.
  • Built in Redundancy.
  • All the Features 3CX has to offer for one affordable monthly Cost.
  • No need to hire a expensive technician to come out for service calls.
  • Stay Current on product releases.
  • No price per user, only Price per Concurrent Call Session (minimum 4).
  • Unlimited Support, upgrades and updates.

3CX Cloud Pricing

We here at Superior Eagle call our 3CX Hosted Solution SEVOIP. It has a special name because it is just that….Special. Through the years we have found a platform that works, has constant backup in place, is constantly monitored with realtime statistics of the server and is a High Available Solution. You might think with all the features and benefits 3CX Hosted can provide, the redundant backup and monitoring provided that this type of solution would be to expensive to be cost effective for a Cloud Phone System Solution. Well its not! Our 3CX Cloud Pricing is affordable and scalable for all business types. Our 3CX Cloud Pricing starts as low as $60 per month. Not bad for a fully featured, High Available Solution.

What Industries are using 3CX Hosted?

Many different industries in the past 8 years have moved to VoIP solutions for their business or organization such as lawyers, financial institutions and much more. The reason is simple! 3CX Cloud Hosting solves the problem of maintaining outdated equipment. You stay up to date with features and our 3CX Cloud Hosting service is #1 in retention with 100% customer retaining rate.

  • Law Offices.
  • Healthcare and Insurance.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Local Government.
  • Education.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Call Centers.

Small, Medium or Enterprise?

3CX Cloud Hosting fits all sizes of businesses. Whether you have 4 phones or 400 phones, it doesn’t matter. 3CX Hosted is virtually plug and play. We make it easy to deploy additional phones without the need to send out a tech to set them up.

Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB)

Our Service is delivered by your existing Broadband Connection (BYOB). Not only utilize your broadband connection for surfing the web, emails and everyday use. Now you can get rid of your current telephone service provider and have your inbound/outbound calling, Toll Free delivered all through one connection.

Best practices for not just 3CX Hosted but for any Cloud solution is to use a dedicated internet connection such as a T1, MPLS, or Fiber Connection. Using a shared broadband connection such as cable modem could at times experience heavy usage and allow your voice quality to suffer. Superior Eagle can optimize your internal network to prohibit any internal cause of audio issues, however once it leave and goes out on the public network we have no control.

Bring Your Own SIP Trunk (BYOS)

Bring your own 3CX license, Devices and Sip Trunks over to SEVoIP’s 3CX High Availability Solution. Not all 3CX Cloud Servers and providers are the same. Some if not most, do not have 24/7 365 constant monitoring of their servers, nightly image backups, a Session Border Controller for handling traffic and backup servers in place in such cases of crashes occur. Guess what! Our 3CX Cloud Servers have all that.


With our 3CX Cloud Server (SEVoIP) we allow our customers to bring their SIP Trunks or we can provide competitive quotes from 3CX approved SIP Providers that we have built great relationships with and are Tried and Tested. Today, there are many and many SIP Trunk providers and like our 3CX Cloud Server they too are not all created equal. We only will quote Quality Providers with Great Customer Service.

3CX Cloud Hosting