About Us

Superior Eagle Communications and Data Inc. was established in 2006. Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This truly is Pure Michigan.

Superior Eagle was started with one thing on the mind and that is the customer. We pride our self in building relationships with our customers. Providing the highest level of customer service, knowledge and supporting your business the best we can. As the late great Entrepreneur of our time Steve Jobs said “You have to start with the customer and then work backwards in technology”. That statement couldn’t be more true. You have to start with the customer.

We understand the importance of communications and IT in today’s business environment. Providing our customers with the right tools, ideas, services and products is what separates us from our competitors. Customizing the best solutions to fit your current and future needs. Solutions that increase productivity, allow for a better experience for your business and most important your customers.

We know that if we help your business excel in areas such as IT, Security, Voice and Data, Consulting and Communications we have done our job. Then only then, will we build that long term relationship we set out to achieve when Superior Eagle Communications was founded.