Are you Looking for an Alternative to RingCentral?

Are you looking for an alternative to RingCentral? If so keep reading. If you have been doing your due diligence and looking for a Cloud Hosted Phone System I am sure you have crossed paths and seen RingCentral. RingCentral offers a few different price options depending on what features an end user may or may not need. They consider themselves the leader in Cloud Business PBX. I don’t know about that, however, they most likely are the leader in paid advertising. That is for certain.

Ring Central is Expensive
In the world of Cloud hosted telephone service such as RingCentral, the price can be very attractive in some cases or in others extremely high. You see, the way their price structure works is, any active extension will pay either $25, $35, and $45 per extension depending on the features. If you only have a couple of phone extensions that can seem rather inexpensive. Now in a scenario where there are in upwards of 20, 50, 100 or 1000 phone extensions, then the price can be astronomical. Let’s do some quick math. If you have 50 extensions and you go with their most popular option ($35 according to their website) that would cost $1,750 per month. Now that may not seem like a bad deal. Or maybe it does. Whether or not if it does or doesn’t, it’s $1,750 and if you expand by one, two or 3 extensions then you can be adding another $100 or so.

Understanding End User to Phone Line Ratios
In nearly all business with the exception of let’s say, a Call Center or Telemarketing center. A business typically uses a 3:1 or 2:1 end user to telephone line or call path ratio. Meaning, for every 3 end user (phone users) there would be 1 line for those 3 users. For example, if a business has 16 phone users, there would be anywhere between 3-8 phone lines depending on inbound and outbound call volume. Very rarely is there a 1:1 ration unless of course a call center/telemarketing business. Providers like RingCentral offer a 1:1 ratio. That is how they sell it too. Many companies have phones and extensions that are constantly in use and others that sit idle in break rooms, vacant offices or on an as need basis which can mean hardly at all. So when you put a $35 dollar price tag on every phone extension whether it gets used frequently enough to justify the cost, I can now see why businesses are looking for that Alternative to RingCentral.

So whats an Alternative to RingCentral?
Superior Eagle offers a powerful 3CX Cloud Hosted Phone System. It has all the advanced features that RingCentral provides in 3CX’s standard package. It allows for unlimited extension. So you can have 4 lines or 4 call paths and 1000 extensions. Now I wouldn’t recommend that ration but you get the picture. So if we do a side by side comparison of Superior Eagle’s Cloud 3CX and RingCentral price wise, Superior Eagle’s Cloud 3CX Solution usually beats RingCentral by 50% on its monthly cost. So using the 50 user example above, RingCentral comes in around $1,750 per month and Superior Eagles Cloud Hosted 3CX solution would be about a $720-$875 per month.

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