There are a number of different forms of surveillance, some of which tend to be forgotten. When it comes to surveillance in the workplace, video cameras are not your only option. To really make your workplace and business secure, you also have the option of an access control security system, which can keep anyone who does not have the access key from getting in. It is not necessarily a cheap change, but it is an extremely worthwhile investment. Here are some benefits to having an access control system installed for your business.

  1. Electronic Keys Are Difficult to Duplicated

While ordinary keys can be duplicated with no problem, an electronic key card is not so easy. These keys are embedded into employee identification cards, which makes it possible to just tap the card against the access box, in order to gain entry. For this type of key to be duplicated, a lot of work and understanding would be needed, and even then it would likely be for naught.

  1. No Need to Change the Locks

Maybe, until you began considering an access control system, you were changing locks every so often in an attempt to keep your workplace secure. This can take a lot of time and money, and does not guarantee your business’s safety. As mentioned before, ordinary keys are easy to duplicate, so any employees can make a copy to use for themselves, without you knowing.

  1. One Key Only

Changing locks can get confusing when it comes to keys, and you may have multiple keys for different locks in different parts of the building. An access control system can eliminate any confusion by giving you and your employees a single key to have to worry about. Access can be granted or denied to certain areas, without the need for more keys, it is all handled within the system.

  1. Keeps a Log of Comings and Goings

If something were to go wrong, like something getting taken from a restricted access area, ordinary keys would make it impossible to determine who could have taken it. Access control systems, however, keep logs of everyone who comes and goes from the various access points. So, as the owner of the business, you can gain access to the specific list of people who had accessed that room at the time of the incident.

  1. Buzz-in Capabilities

Sometimes you work with independent contractors, or people who do not work directly for you. Meaning, they do not have access cards for your property. But, it is not a problem, because, with an access control system, they can “buzz” you and ask for permission to be let in, as you would in an apartment. You can grant them the single time permission remotely, without having to actually open the door for them.

These are just five of the benefits that come from having an access control system for your workplace. Consider this an option for your business, and contact Superior Eagle Communications about the access control system that they offer. When it comes down to it, the benefits far out weigh the cost, so just ask yourself: is your business protection not worth it?