Bring Your Own Bandwidth (BYOB)

Bring Your Own Bandwidth means you can use your existing Broadband Internet Service for connectivity to the Cloud Server. Essentially, the IP Phones would reside on the company’s LAN and connect via the existing broadband connection to the Cloud Hosted Phone System. There are some factors that need to be addressed. To achieve the  greatest level of performance and quality over your existing network the existing broadband connection should reach these requirements steadily:

  • Bidirectional Bandwidth = 32kbps for G.729, 80kbps for G.711 per concurrent phone call plus 1kbps for any registered handset
  • Average Jitter = < 2ms
  • Packet Loss = < 0.3%
  • One-way Delay = 0 – 150ms

Some types of Bring your own Bandwidth (BYOB) are Cable Modem, DSL, T1 and FIOS. Now a days with so much dependency on a constant reliable internet connection, more and more companies are implementing a backup connection. Whether it be a Cable Modem and DSL, or Cable and T1. Having a bonded connection allows for greater redundancy and less downtime for unforeseen events.

Our Cloud Hosted Service also allows for you to Bring your Own SIP Trunk or we can provide service for you.  For more details click here