Can 3CX Send Text Messages?

Currently sending text messages from 3cx to a mobile telephone number is not an available feature….yet. However, sending chat messages to other users within 3CX phone app or web client is. There is however word from 3CX that this feature sending SMS or text messages to mobile phone numbers should be available with 3CX Version 17 (currently on V16). I would only assume a beta Version Q1 of 2021.

Is it a Game Changer?

This is a useful feature to have. But, to be quite honest if you want to have a fully featured SMS solution I would recommend going with a third party SMS provider. We absolutely love 3CX and its robust features without the cost. It by far is the best value per dollar for a fully featured phone solution. With that said, SMS is simply a small part of unified communications solution. Many providers have the ability to do SMS and text messages, but to what scale do you need this? Are you looking for simply two way texting or are you wanting a full fledged SMS marketing solution?

Currently we are developing our own SMS solution that will integrate with 3CX and select CRM applications starting with Zoho CRM and Hubspot. If you are interested in adding your CRM to our list please send us an email at the address below.

Here’s how it will work

For example, if a SMS message was sent to your DID you would receive it via our SMS app, or in your CRM where it can be logged, archived and stored. If it is a call to your 3CX extension, then the call will go to your extension.
From our SMS App, you will be able to use your DID or DID’s for marketing campaigns, bulk send SMS and much more.


We are interested to know what CRM you currently are using and may feature it as part of our integration!

If you are interested in adding your CRM to our please shoot us an email at the email below, stating which CRM you are currently using and how many users within your company.