Traditional business phone systems are what most people are familiar with, so changing your business to a cloud hosted phone service may seem intimidating. However, the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology has not skipped over phone systems; new and improved technology can help you improve the way your business functions, and make calls go more seamlessly for you, your employees, and your customers.


Location Transfers


If your business has multiple locations, having a traditional business phone system can be seriously holding you back. Getting customers to speak to the right person can be a hassle, especially if they need to speak with a manager who spends time in different locations. If a customer calls into Location A, but turns out they need to speak with someone at Location B, with a traditional phone system, you have to look up the phone number for that location, relay it to your customer, and then the customer has to hang up and call the other location. With cloud hosted phone services, that is not an issue — all of your locations are connected, so you can transfer the customer to the other location with no problem at all.


On The Move


If you run a business, you know how much work it takes, and not all of that work is in the office. You may need to travel, to visit various locations, meet with clients, take care of personal business, or any other number of things — your life takes you out of the office, and in that time, with traditional phone systems, you are missing important phone calls. This means that once you are back in your office, you have to spend time listening to messages and returning calls, and hoping you have not missed out on any important business opportunities in the time it has taken you to call back. Cloud hosted phone services can eliminate this issue. Cloud voice services allow you to forward calls to your cell phone so that you can conduct business on the go.




Traditional voice services in Michigan are very restrictive — one phone number leads to one phone. You may have extensions, but in general phone numbers are used by your customers for talking to representatives. In today’s world of texting and smart phones, many people have moved away from making phone calls, so how can you take advantage of that for your business? Cloud hosted phone services allows you to use a phone number any way you need to. It can be an office phone, or you can transfer it to your cell phone, allowing field operatives to text clients about arrival times without needing a different phone number to do that from. It can be used by medical offices or restaurants, for patients or customers who would prefer to text in to make an appointment or reservation. The flexibility that cloud hosted phone services allows you will let you reach more customers than you possible could with a traditional business phone system.