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As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of the day-to-day traffic walking in and out of your facility. Not only that but, as well as the productivity of your employees. As your Marquette Access Control systems provider, Superior Eagle will provide a comprehensive  survey and analysis of your business. We will advise of critical points that should be monitored and controlled. The benefits are many when it comes to implementing a Marquette Access Control System. See below for just some of the benefits of installing the solution.



The Benefits of an Access Control System

Sometimes it may seem as if your business is a revolving door, with people constantly coming and going. From new hires, to recently terminated employees, to daily visitors and deliveries. A business requires close monitoring. Superior Eagle’s access control systems provide the tools you need to operate your business efficiently and effectively.


  • Implement card/badge/code access to doors or gates
  • Remotely control release of doors
  • Schedule and record all entries and exits
  • Prohibit employees from restricted areas
  • Employ phone-entry systems
  • Utilize gate intercoms
  • Provide a safe setting for employees and guests

Let’s face it: re-keying doors is not only expensive, but time-consuming as well. Additionally, keeping track of everyday transactions is demanding Superior Eagle’s access control solutions will monitor the activity of your business, helping you keep a close watch of what takes place. We’re in the business of security matters, when security matters most to your business.

Regardless of your business size, Superior Eagle offers state-of-the-art commercial security to meet your every need. For more information on how solutions can protect you and your business, Contact Superior Eagle your Marquette Access Control Solution Provider today.