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Superior Eagle leads the way for Marquette business phone systems. We have always been committed to delivering the highest levels of service, reliability, and technology to our customers. We offer Factory Certified Technicians, and the the best warranties in the business. We want to help you make the most informed decision. So contact us if your looking for business telephone systems, network cabling, call recording, call accounting, paging or music on hold.

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3CX VoIP Phone System

Choosing a business phone system is one of the toughest decisions small business owners have to make. Sure it sounds simple enough, but let’s talk about the choices. You want the most reliable phone system, so a traditional land line systems is what you need.  However, using your cell phone with an Internet based phone system can save a small business big money (Upwards of 70%). The only way you’ll know if the phone system is right for your business is to take a look at your businesses communications needs. Most business telephone systems today offer customers the ability to use both Digital and VoIP telephones. This allows you to have flexibility in how your office is set up. People inside your office can use the digital handset to make and receive calls, while road warriors and work from home employees can use VoIP handsets.

Traditional business telephone systems are now offering the ability to handle sip trunks that will cost a lot less to use than traditional land line. Giving you the best of both worlds.  So what’s the downfall? Traditional business telephone systems (Samsung or Vertical) require you to purchase equipment, which you will need to have maintained.  Therefore your out of pocket cost are higher, and upgrades and maintenance will be ongoing. SEVOIP’s Hosted 3CX business phone system, can save you out of pocket costs because there is no need to purchase the main PBX. In essence all you need are some IP phones. With SEVOIP‘s 3CX Hosted Cloud Solution you will get a ton of features, your systems is always under warranty and your local and long distance calls are included (or at a very minimal cost).  The result is that you will be able to plan your phone system budget and stick with it.
For more information on how our solutions can improve your business, Contact Superior Eagle your Marquette Business Phone Systems Provider today.