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What is Internet phone service?

Internet phone service is dial tone or your inbound and outbound calling delivered over a broadband connection such as fiber, T1, Cable Modem or DSL. This can be used in residential and business. This is often referred to as VoIP. With the technology of today and the ability to deliver phone service over the internet, this is a much more economical way of having phone service. If you are looking for phone lines, you should definitely consider Internet phone service. Not only can you have your phone service through the internet but,  you can have your entire phone system in the cloud and delivered over a broadband connection

Below are some things to consider when looking into changing phone service providers, upgrading your phone system or anything telephone related. Superior Eagle can often time save business 30-70% and upgrade their telephone hardware.

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Do you need a full phone system that includes physical office telephones, or you want a business to get by with a virtual phone service that depends alone on mobile devices instead of old office phones?


If you want office telephones, then what kind of service do you require? You need to choose between a conventional landline telephone service, which is provided by a local phone company and a Voice over Internet Protocol system, which runs over the internet and is offered by many different providers.

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Now, just suppose you choose a VoIP Solution. So the question arises that do you want to house the system at your business place or you want it cloud-based?

Superior Eagle leads the way for Marquette business phone system. We have always been committed to delivering the highest levels of service, reliability, and technology to our customers. We offer Factory Certified Technicians and the best warranties in the business. We want to help you make the most informed decision. So contact us if you’re looking for business telephone systems, network cabling, call recording, call accounting, paging or music on hold.


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