Marquette Network Cabling | Superior Eagle

As technology advances, so should your business. Superior Eagle leading the way for Marquette Network Cabling installations and surrounding areas. Your network is essential to the communication infrastructure of your company,. Structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication. Superior Eagle’s has certified installers with years of experience working with businesses to improve network cabling infrastructures and ensure that they keep up with current technology. We only use quality materials back by manufacturer warranty* and our personal guarantee.


 Network Design and Deliver

Because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system that has the capacity to adapt to future technology. As your business evolves, so should your low voltage cabling system. Here at Superior Eagle, our goal is to design and build a system that allows you to expand and grow every year.


Mission Critical

It’s critically important that your voice and data cabling infrastructure update and install is planned and coordinated to the tiniest detail. Whether you are simply moving a few workstations or building an entirely new network cabling infrastructure. We will work with every member of your team to ensure that your current cabling system meets your needs for:

  • Ethernet cable
  • CAT 5E cable
  • CAT 6 cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Twisted-pair telephone cable

A Company You Can Trust

We’ve been around since 2006, and our business has adapted to technology that has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Our core services include:

  • Inter-building ethernet cabling systems
  • Ethernet cabling to the desktop
  • Open office and structures cabling designs
  • Fiber optics installation (multimode fiber and single mode fiber)
  • Time clock installation
  • CCTV/IP Security Camera Installations
  • Aerial, underground, and outdoor cabling
  • Troubleshooting, certification and testing for various cable types
  • Audit, organization and upgrades for telecommunications room
  • Placement and installation of wireless access points