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Patton SNBX64/W3CX/EUI


SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX), up to 64 SIP calls with transcoding, or 128 SIP calls without transcoding, Windows 7 pre-installed, free version of 3CX Phone System (2 simultaneous calls) comes pre-installed, easily upgrade to commercial version of 3CX Phone System with your license key from SEVoIP, External UI Power



Patton SNBX64 / W3CX/EUI Summary

The Patton SNBX64, short for Smart Node Branch eXchange, is a fully-loaded Enterprise IP PBX appliance made easy for any business. Supporting up to 64 simultaneous calls with transcoding, or 128 simultaneous calls without transcoding, the SNBX is plug-and-play to fit any network – bringing you Unified Communications without breaking the bank.

The SNBX is a plug-and-play appliance loaded with Microsoft Windows 7 and 3CX Phone System, an award-winning software-based IP PBX for Microsoft Windows. Capable of supporting up to 128 calls, the SNBX can support any 3CX edition supporting 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 simultaneous calls with RTP relay and transcoding, or 128 simultaneous calls without transcoding.

The 3CX Phone System license must be purchased separately.

In addition to running 3CX Phone System, the SNBX web GUI provides device monitoring and application management, and is open to 3rd party applications. No keyboard or mouse is required since the web GUI can be accessed from anywhere.

The SNBX fits your network by supporting any IP phone or softphone you prefer. You can keep your trusted PSTN lines or analog/ISDN phone equipment by simply adding Patton’s SmartNode Gateways. Or you can provide secure, prioritized VoIP by using a SmartNode VoIP Router to connect to your SIP trunks. Setup is quick and easy as the SNBX provides a built-in, extensive SmartNode configuration tool supplementing the supported configurations supplied by 3CX.

Patton SNBX64/W3CX/EUI Core Features

Plug and Play
Comes with 3CX Phone System and Windows 7 already installed.

Up to 64 SIP Calls with Transcoding
Comes with any 3CX edition up to 64 simultaneous calls and supports up to 500 extensions.

Monitoring and Management
Web GUI for device monitoring and application management. Also includes built-in SmartNode Gateway configurator.

BYOP – Bring your own phone
Choose your own IP phones or softphones; no vendor lockin.

Keep Your Existing Equipment
Add a SmartNode Gateway to connect existing analog/ISDN equipment.

SIP Trunks or PSTN
Save on monthly call costs using SIP Trunks or receive and make calls via the standard PSTN using SmartNode Gateways and VoIP Routers.


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