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Questions You Need to Ask Your Potential VOIP Provider before Signing Up

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Transferring from your normal landline phone to a Voice Over IP system can be a big change. You may find yourself overwhelmed yet knowing this is the best move for your company. VOIP systems are for business of all sizes. Whether you are a small local business or a multi million over sea franchise VOIP [...]

Why Your Telecommunications Bill Should be Reviewed

By |2015-09-11T07:48:54-04:00September 2nd, 2015|Telephone Services|

When reviewing your telecommunication bill you should always look for charges, to see what you are being billed for. Look at every charge on there and always question any charge that you are unsure about.  Businesses can have errors, but also will give fraudulent charges just to try to get more money from the consumer. [...]

How to Select the Right Telecom Carriers Partner

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  A telecom carrier is going to operate your telecommunications system for your whole business. The importance of selecting the right telecom carrier’s partner is for the benefit of your payments and your quality. While trying to select a telecom carrier’s partner you might be confused on which carrier partner you need to select for [...]