Carrier Services

Superior Eagle has partnered with a wide array of well-respected telecom carriers. We have chosen our carrier partners carefully based on their commitment to customers, along with their quality, reputation and product offerings. We maintain tightly integrated contractual relationships with our carrier partners and trust them to deliver in a manner that keeps our reputation solid.

We will draw from the depth and variety of services offered by our partners to create the best solution for you. We act as your advocate when choosing products, services and negotiating your rates. We remain engaged with your solution throughout implementation and beyond the sale.


By working with Superior Eagle and its partners, you will save time and money. The time and effort to contact multiple telecom carriers, bring them into your office and explain your situation multiple times, is better served by combining these aspects. While each carrier will eventually come back to you with their best version of a solution, it will be limited to only the services and pricing they offer. When you work with Superior Eagle our analysts will explore all of the service offerings and pricing from a multitude of carriers. We will consider all of the current promotions, pricing and products from several carriers and construct an optimum solution. This solution may involve selected services from more than one carrier for from a single source depending on what solution is best for your business.

Your service agreements will be directly with carriers you select. Pricing, installation, billing and support will come directly from the carriers. You will not be billed by Superior Eagle. However, we will be involved from start to finish. After the installation of your services we will remain your advocate, willing to help in any way possible. Superior Eagles staff will always be a phone call away.