The VOIP is also known as voice over internet protocol system. This system is commonly used for multiple purposes, anything from meetings to just talking overseas and other long distance. This service was created for people to communicate face to face no matter what the distance between them might be. When first introduced to the public, the voice over IP service was offered to business models that mirrored the legacy of the telephone network.


Saves Your Company Money


Before the voice over internet protocol was introduced when making a long distance call or a business meeting you normally would be using a regular telephone. With these long distance calls, you are charged by the minute. Therefore costing you an extra amount on top of the monthly phone bill. VOIP uses the internet as its backbone, so when using this system the only bill you have to worry about was the monthly bill you already pay. One of the boosts of the 3CX VOIP phone system is you can use this service as much as you want with no extra charges. When using the VOIP service you must have a broadband network, which most people these days have. Using the VOIP system can potentially save you up to 40 percent on local calls and up to 90 percent on your international calls.


Communicate With More Than One Person


On a telephone, your calls are based on you and one other person. With the 3CX VOIP phone system one of the perks is that you can set up a conference with a whole group of friends or even have a meeting with the entire staff at work in real time. What the VOIP service does is, puts multiple data packages together during transmission, which allows multiple people on one line. When VOIP was introduced it was a big hit with larger corporations that traveled around the world, but still needed to keep in contact with coworkers at the office.


Cheaper Hardware And Software


If you are an internet user  and want to use the VOIP system, the equipment and software you will need are  very inexpensive. More or less all you need for the 3CX VOIP phone system is what already comes with your computer. Other than the internet and your computer, you need a headset, a sound card, and speakers. The software you need for the VOIP system can be downloaded and used from the internet.


VOIP was created to not only help save people money, but also to make communicating with multiple people at one time easier and more effective. In addition to voice over IP you can also upgrade to visual where you can talk face to face with people across the world. Since introduced the VOIP system is used in all types of aspects these days for communicating with your friends to conducting a company meeting from your home to people at the office or even overseas . The VOIP has opened a broader range of communication that is used worldwide.