Top 5 reasons to switch to cloud-hosted phone service for your business go above and beyond 5 reasons. But, let’s just run down the top 5 of why businesses are switching rapidly.

  • Saves time and money. Cloud-hosted phone service is located in the cloud thus, eliminates the need for your business to host the phone system onsite. Phone systems are like computers and require maintenance, upgrades and updates. With the solution hosted in the cloud, the provider will manage all this, which eliminates expensive technicians to be dispatched onsite to perform the necessary duties of maintaining a phone system over the year.
  • Future Proof – Always up to date. Spinning off reason one, phone solutions such as 3CX, are constantly upgrading their platform with features that benefit the end-user.  Such as web meeting and collaboration. When the developing team comes out with new features, the customer reaps all the benefits.  This allows your phone solution to never grow old. If interested on more this click here.
  • Reduce Call Cost with SIP Trunks. Cloud hosted phone service this allow you to use SIP Trunks for inbound and outbound calling. The cost of SIP Trunks can be a significant saving on your telecom cost. SIP Trunks can be a ⅓ of the price of Cable and traditional landlines.
  • Respond to customer and clients quickly. More so today, the ability to reply or contact customers quickly is crucial. If you want to improve your customer service then you need the tools to do so. With Cloud hosted phone service, this allows you to use many channels of communications to your customer or client. With built in features such as web meeting, conference calling, voicemail to email, SMS texting, ring mobile phone and more. This enables your to provide the best response time for your customers.
  • Consolidate Multi Offices and Remote Workers. We have seen incredible amounts of companies tying in their branch offices to one single platform. For example, let’s say you have 5 office locations. You can consolidate all offices under one phone platform, easily. What this does is, allows a more direct communication line between team members, colleagues, and offices. This enables your company to handle and route calls easily between offices and provides a huge benefit for customer experience. You can also consolidate the lines all your offices use. For example, if there is 5 office locations and each branch office has 20 lines, you can minimize the lines. You could possibly share instead of 100 lines you could share 80 between all offices. Again, lowering the overall cost and providing a better customer experience. For more information and custom solutions click here.

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