Top 9 ways Marquette County Residents use Security Camera’s

Through the past couple years we have seen a rise in residents of Marquette County security camera installations for the homes and camps. Some might think this is a step to far in the world of technology. But, how far would you go to keep your home or camp safe?

A growing number of Marquette County residents are choosing a piece of mind and safety today with the installation of state of the art, online and remote viewing access of surveillance camera’s for their home, business and camp.

The idea is simple. A closed network of camera’s that feeds the camera video footage from your home, business or camp straight to your smartphone, iPad or laptop anywhere in the world.

It is now easier than ever to keep an eye on what matters most, no matter how busy our lives get.

1. Keeping and eye on their pets

I know, I know…one would think that this technology would be used for something more sophisticated than watching Old Yeller run around the backyard.

Well Marquette County residents. Do you have a dog that gets restless when you are at work or away? Or does he tend to bark while he’s left alone outside?

Does your pet get out? One client of ours had a couple indoor cats. One day they notice that the door leading into the garage was left open along with the garage door. It had already been a few hours since they notice the cat was missing. The father of the house went to the playback of the video, scanned through all the footage and never saw he cat leave the garage or any other exit from the house. The family searched and searched in the garage and found the cat hidden away in a tiny space scared.

If it wasn’t for the security camera’s they would of been on a witch hunt through the neighborhood and woods.

On a side note: of course there are the ones that just like to gloat about their new puppy a the office. Just open the app or browser and watch the little rascal mess around.

2. Keeping an eye on the kids

Of course we are always there for our kids. But unfortunately has they grow up it is impossible for us to always “Be There” with them.

Are you a parent that works later than when the bus drops your kid off at home? Watch Johnny or Sam get home and know they made it safe.

Check in on them when you are at work and ensure they are being safe jumping on the trampoline and what friends are over.

3. How much snow did I get while I’m away?

Living in the Marquette County we get our fair share of snow (to say the least). Often times, this is the time of year snow birds go south, parents and children take spring break and the house is left alone.

How is the driveway looking? Are you needing to get that snow blowed or plowed before you get home?

Even having indoor cameras in the basement (integrated with water sensors) can show and alert you if there are any issues you need to be aware of.

4. Deterring Crime

I believe there is a misconception when if comes to security camera’s. Often times here is the scenario.

A act of crime is committed, then the victim seeks out a security camera system. The victim only wishes they would of already had a security camera in place because they would of caught the culprit.

The simple fact is, having a noticeable camera in place acts as a deterrent in itself. Does it eliminate the risk no, but in the face of catching the criminal and prosecution it definitely helps .

5. Know the house or Camp is safe while traveling

With a global remote system you can ensure that even from the other side of the world you have eyes on what matters back home.
Now if you are out of the country or south for the winter, you can keep a watchful eye on your home or camp and continue to enjoy your time away.

This point combines with the references about pets and other family members. Stay in touch real time with how they are going and report any problems you spot to family and friends back home who can help. In an emergency, every minute helps and having live, direct access to your property could make a real difference.

6. Who’s watching your prize possessions?

Think about your prize possession that is stored away. Maybe its your camp, Harley or classic car. It could be anything, buts value to you is immense.

What ever your prize possession is keep it safe with CCTV surveillance.

Report disturbances to the local authorities to act faster in the event of a crime.

More times than not, with the help of security camera’s our prize possessions are returned back with the help of video surveillance than with out.

7. The social trick

This one goes hand in hand with all the others. Whether you are out with your friends, on vacation, travelling or at work.With the use of video surveillance, having the ability at any moment bring up real-time video of your home from anywhere is all worth the price of admission.

UPS says the package was delivered but you cannot find it. Where did he’she leave it?

Quickly view in on your pets getting into mischief, or has your oldest son arrived home? Did you leave the garage door open?

Yes safety is most important but, its also the convenience and state of mind that having a security camera system at home gives you.

8. Notified while away

While away from your cottage, camp, business or home Marquette residents love the ability to get notifications if they security system detects motion, or a person enters a specific area, or crosses over a invisible trip wire.

One resident owns a construction small business. He doesn’t get much customer coming and going. So he has his security camera solution setup to send a snapshot in an email if some one passes over a virtual trip wire.

9. Camera’s always rolling

Every wish you had the camera rolling when a special moment happened? Depending on the placement of your security camera the camera’s are always rolling.

One mom told is about a story where they didn’t remember to record their first born learning to swim. Well needless to say their outdoor pool camera caught it all.

Over the last couple years Superior Eagle has installed mobile activated and online streaming security systems into some of Marquette County’s most recognizable business’ and sought after homes.

But with advances in technology these systems are now more accessible and affordable for everyone.

We’ve put together an essentials package, partnering with the leading surveillance manufacturer to ensure that all of our clients receive a package that supports their family and provides years of security guaranteed.

Start leading the pack and book your FREE professional consultation with one of our Security Experts today.

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