If you haven’t invested in access control yet, now is the time. Access Control benefits you by helping you keep track of who comes in and out of your company. It also keeps people out of certain restricted areas. This type of security can include cards and badges to access doors, keeping record of entries, phone entry systems and even gate intercoms. When you go with this type of control you are providing a safe setting for your employees.


Card Or Badge Entry


Businesses have such high volume of traffic on a daily basis, that it can be a handful to keep up with everyone who comes and goes. In addition to trying to keep a record you also have to keep up with company keys. Keeping up with keys can be quite challenging when you  have new employees start and old employees either quitting or retiring. Therefore, when you have employees in and out like every business does, having access control is a much more simpler way of keeping a safe work environment without the need to change the locks or worry about employees losing keys. It’s as simple as deactivating the person’s card when they no longer need to access the areas.


Phone Entry


You may see phone entry access control systems at schools,nurseries, and hospitals. But this type of entry also works great for businesses. This allows you to communicate with the person on the other side who may need access for various reasons but does not have the access card. By having the phone access system you can find out what the person is there for before you grant them access to the area.


Utilizing Gate Intercoms


Having gate intercoms not only can  help protect your employees, It can also help with theft of property and help prevent property damage. Gate intercoms can be used at various places as well. Most places that have these types of systems are big corporate companies, gated communities, and any place where it is for secure personal only. Gate intercoms allow you to speak with the person before entering the area and not just letting anyone in. This system helps employees feel safer walking to their vehicle if working late night or the early morning shifts. This system provides you complete control of who is allowed on your property at any specific time.


Access To Restricted Areas

Access control is very helpful for keeping people from just walking into places they are not suppose to be. Having an access control system can help keep people out of hazardous areas or areas that are meant for authorized personal. This will insure that the only people in the area are the ones that have been granted access.


Access control has several different system options to help you control and keep track of who is at your business whether they coming or going. Any of these systems listed above will help in providing a safe environment for you and your employees.