What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is a collaboration of business tools. Such as telephony, presence, conferencing, video conferencing, CRM integration, faxing and more.

For example, a phone call comes in and you are out of the office running errands. Because you have your extension to ring your Cell phone simultaneously you answer the call from your important client and close the sale.

This is one example of what unified communications is and why it is important.

We live in a time I like to call “instant or flee”. People today are wired to get instant information and if they can’t, they move on to the next source instantly. That is why it is so important that your business have the ability to be somewhat available or at least aware of customers needs. Unified Communications is a tool. Its a tool to help businesses centralize their communications solution. Ultimately, it brings a way for customers to communicate in a appropriate timely fashion.


User’s can create web meetings, share docs, whiteboard and more with one solution rather that individual services performing one or more of each.

In the past, business would have a phone system. The only main function of the phone system was to make and receive calls and take messages. With the internet, it has drawn people and businesses together that are not only in their local areas. The need to communicate face to face without a plane ticket brought web meetings into play. If you needed to have a web meeting, you would need to sign up with a company who offered web meetings like Go To Meeting. But, with a Unified Communication solution, its built into the platform.

Most Unified Communication solutions integrate with 3rd party CRM programs that help the user streamline contacts, project/proposals and information about the customer or client. Having readily available information tied into your communication system provides a intimate experience for the customer.

As you can see the benefits of Unified Communications is many. Having the ability to communicate instantly face to face, text, email, mobile instantly across any medium or platform is crucial for brands, companies and businesses looking to thrive into today’s world.

Who offers Unified Communications?

There are many players in the Unified Communications space such as the heavy hitters of Cisco and Avaya. There are many others such as the leading windows based solution 3CX. 3CX is a amazing solution that can be hosted in the cloud or installed on-premise. It uses Google state of the art client less WebRTC for web meeting/conferencing. The advancement that 3CX has established in recent years has disrupted the industry. This has put 3CX on the map as a viable solution and direct competitor to Cisco and Avaya.

Legacy phone systems such as Avaya, Samsung and Mitel to name a few have integrated UC or have tried to for that matter into their current platforms. The have been found to be very expensive and very complicated. Other legacy systems just don’t integrate at all. 3CX has separated themselves from the Cisco’s and Avaya because what they offer is different in respects to extensions. 3CX offer unlimited extensions on all their price plans. Whereas, other brands license you to users. This has separated them and is why they are disrupting the Unified Communication Industry.

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