Your business represents a huge investment, of not only your money but also your time and hard work. Unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of that, and who would find a way to steal what you have worked so hard for, whether it be in the form of products or information. A business security system with access control or video surveillance can help you protect what is yours.




As silly as it may seem, the appearance of security is almost as important as the security itself. Criminals do not want to be caught, so if you have visible video surveillance or security stickers on your windows or doors, your business is less likely to be targeted by criminals. Additionally, the presence of security on your business premises will make you appear more professional, and make potential customers feel more secure about using your business, especially if you might be storing their credit information on premises.


Active Prevention


While some people are out to steal, others just want to do damage — vandals and squatters can do serious damage to not only your business, but your reputation. Vandals that spray paint or smash in windows can cause costly damage to your business that will cost you not only the cost of repairs, but the sales you are missing while you are working to mitigate the damage. One way to avoid this is motion-detection lights. These lights combined with video surveillance and access control will discourage skittish vandals and other criminals.


Scam Artists


People blatantly walking in and stealing money are not the only type of criminal you have to watch out for. There are many types of scam artists, including quick change artists and grifters who threaten to sue, who may prey on your business in order to make a quick profit. One of the best ways to protect yourself against lawsuits and prove when you’ve been had by a scammer is video surveillance. Unaltered video cannot lie, so when someone tries to sue you for negligence because they slipped in water, but your video shows them pouring the water on the floor themselves, you may have saved your company tens of thousands of dollars.


Insurance Rates


Another important way to protect your business is through insurance. You likely have several types of insurance on your business, and one or more of their rates may be partially dependent upon the type of security your building offers. If you upgrade from a deadbolt to video surveillance and access control, you may find yourself paying much less in insurance premiums than you were previously. Contact your insurance company to find out what discounts may be available.


Other Disasters


Modern day security systems not only monitor for break-ins, but also for other disasters that could have an adverse effect on your business. Gone are the days of waiting for someone to drive by and notice a fire at night, or not finding a flood until the next morning. A security system will usually recognize what is happening and alert you and/or the authorities.