When reviewing your telecommunication bill you should always look for charges, to see what you are being billed for. Look at every charge on there and always question any charge that you are unsure about.  Businesses can have errors, but also will give fraudulent charges just to try to get more money from the consumer. The FCC estimate that tens of millions families in America has been affected by this. Tele Carriers Services can check your telecommunications bill for cramming and out of place charges.

Cramming On Your Bill

Cramming is something businesses do to try and get more money, this is illegal. Therefore, if you feel that this is happening to you bring it to the companies attention. Look back at your past bills to see how long you have been charged for the services you did not use or request.When businesses use cramming they put fraudulent charges on your bill and try to confuse the consumer so that they don’t notice that it is happening. When doing this they are charging the consumer for services that they have not authorized or do not receive. Your telecom carrier partners can help you find cramming occurring on your account. If the company does not agree with the issues you find contact a company to help you protest these charges

Review The Data Used

When reviewing your bill look over your call charges and match them with calls that you think you made during that billing cycle. When looking over the calls check the numbers called. If there are numbers, you know you didn’t call, they could have been placed in there to jack up your bill. Look at any extra charges for data used that you know you didn’t do. Accounts are often hacked now days and this can be a result of that. When looking over your bill look at the number of minutes used for the cycle, this is another way they use fraudulent charges, by saying you went over on minutes. Keep track of any long distance charges that occur and check the times and dates when these calls were made. If any times seem out of place call the company and discuss this with them.

Check Your Rates

During the review of your telecommunication bill, check your rates to make sure they are what you agreed to when

you signed the agreement. Service providers like to raise rates or change your service without permission and the consumer rarely catches the change.The service provider does things like this to consumers everywhere just to make more money off of people who don’t do do a telecommunications bill analysis. This is one of the main ways they charge you extra

Doing a total telecommunications bill analysis will help you stay safe from the service provider raising your rates unexpectantly and keeping you safe from fraudulent charges or cramming. You should review your bill on a monthly bases to make sure that the bill is consistently the same every month. Using these tips will help you make sure the telecommunication company isn’t overcharging your account.