Business Phone Systems

Marquette Phone System Professionals. We can provide you with a basic traditional digital phone systems, IP Phone System and Cloud Hosted Phone System

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Carrier Services such as T1, PRI, MPLS Internet and more

Telecom Carrier Services

Providing Marquette T1, PRI, MPLS or any other telephone or internet circuit. We can provide the lowest rates from all local, nationwide and International providers. It is true we get better rates for you than you can for yourself.

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Security Camera Installations

Marquette Security Camera Installation Professionals. IP or Analog Installation, business, home or camp.

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Network Cabling

Network Cabling

Marquette network cabling installation professionals. Cat6, Cat5e, Fiber, new construction or existing. Leading Marquette in Computer and Voice Cabling!

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You have problems; we have the Right Solutions for you.

Are we providing professional installation services in Marquette and surrounding areas? The answer is yes. Superior Eagle provides professional network cabling such as Cat6, Cat5e and Fiber. Protect your assets by installing a security camera solution. We also provide Marquette business phone systems, phone repair and uber service after the installation.

We value what is important to you and your business and that’s time, money, security and productivity. Our comprehensive solutions do all that and more. For a free evaluation Contact us today and see how your company can benefit with comprehensive solutions.

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Why or Why Not VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it means “voice transmitted over a computer network.” Don’t be fooled by the “Internet” part of the acronym. VoIP will run over any type of network. Currently, in the corporate sector the private dedicated network option is the preferred type.

Lets Make this Simple. VoIP is only as good as the network it resides on. Whether it is in the Cloud on or the VoIP Server is on Premise. There should be no short cuts when implementing any network systems, specially not a VoIP system. If you do, you are asking for problems. Voice transmission does not require large amounts of bandwidth, but it does require a high quality, stable, constant path to and from its destination. 

Cloud Hosted is a viable, cost effective and provides a layer of redundancy if implemented correctly. Key factors to consider are current bandwidth speeds, current bandwidth usage (Mainly Upload) and router firewall. Best practice would have a dedicated or secondary internet connection for VoIP. We are starting to see more and more businesses introduce a second ISP for internet backup. This works extremely well for Cloud Hosted Phone Services.


Satisfied Customers

We have been a customer of Superior Eagle Communications since 2007. They installed a new telephone system for our agency, with approximately 30 telephones & a voicemail system. With their expertise, we have enhanced our system several times. Their knowledge of our equipment is second to none. If I ever have any questions regarding our system, they are easily accessible via telephone or email. They can make changes to our system remotely or they will come right into our office. They have set our agency up with “Direct Inward Dial” numbers which has dramatically cut down on the number of calls that go through our receptionist. They are so accommodating to our ‘ever’ changing needs and always find a way to make things work for us. I would highly recommend this company as a business partner.
I have used Superior Eagle Communications on multiple occasions to install network wiring as the
UPHP’s infrastructure has grown. The quality of their work is excellent. As part of the last job, I made
last-minute change in the scope of the project. Superior Eagle was more than willing to be flexible and
accommodate my needs.
I highly recommend Superior Eagle Communications to others based on the great experiences I have had
using them. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong hiring them for their service. I will be using them again
for future projects.
Upper Peninsula Health Plan, Brad Perala, IT Network Infrastructure Manager