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Superior Eagle leads the way for Marquette business phone systems.

What ever stage or level you are at we’re here to help.

Our VoIP certified technicians can assist, design and implement a very affordable, scalable solution for your company. Needless to say, we have been around the block and can offer different solutions to fit your company’s needs.

Upgrade your business communication with our advanced phone systems

Free telecom audits

What is a Telecom Audit / Telecom Analysis?
A telecom audit is a comprehensive analysis of your existing telephone, internet and wireless bills.

Many companies don’t know this, but often times there are billing errors, fraudulent charges and over charging on these bills. We also confirm the amount of lines for your business matches the bills.

Once we have finished the telecom audit, we report back the findings and provide suggestions on how your company can save money. Again, its no risk zero obligation.

Did you know...


of businesses have errors, fraudulent charges, options and or services billed for that shouldn't be?

There are a few different ways this happens. One is called “Cramming”.

Cramming is the illegal act of placing unauthorized charges on your wireline, wireless, or bundled services telephone bill. The FCC has estimated that cramming has harmed tens of millions of American households.

What our customers receive

Significant monthly savings

We save your business money 94% of the time and we make you save 34% on average.


We offer a monthly monitoring service.

Telephone bill audit

We find billing errors 97% of the time.

Caring provider

We care about the success of your business.


Take the first step towards revolutionizing your business communication.

Let our experts guide you to the perfect phone system for your company.