3CX Version 15 Just Released

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3CX version 15 Leading the Way for Business VoIP Solutions (July 11th officially) 3CX is leading the way for Open Source on premise VoIP and Cloud Based solutions. With this new release brings a groundbreaking VoIP system like no other. With 3CX Version 15 you get a new host of added features and more. This is [...]

What is Unified Communications and Why Its Import

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What is Unified Communications? Unified communications is a collaboration of business tools. Such as telephony, presence, conferencing, video conferencing, CRM integration, faxing and more. For example, a phone call comes in and you are out of the office running errands. Because you have your extension to ring your Cell phone simultaneously you answer the call [...]

Benefits of Having an Access Control Security System

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There are a number of different forms of surveillance, some of which tend to be forgotten. When it comes to surveillance in the workplace, video cameras are not your only option. To really make your workplace and business secure, you also have the option of an access control security system, which can keep anyone who [...]

Questions You Need to Ask Your Potential VOIP Provider before Signing Up

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Transferring from your normal landline phone to a Voice Over IP system can be a big change. You may find yourself overwhelmed yet knowing this is the best move for your company. VOIP systems are for business of all sizes. Whether you are a small local business or a multi million over sea franchise VOIP [...]

Reasons You Need Video Surveillance Services at Your Business

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Having a successful business requires hard work along with several different factors. You must put in the time it requires as well as keeping an eye on everything when while you are not on location. You can do this by using a video surveillance services. You may think that this is basic information, that you [...]

Why Your Telecommunications Bill Should be Reviewed

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When reviewing your telecommunication bill you should always look for charges, to see what you are being billed for. Look at every charge on there and always question any charge that you are unsure about.  Businesses can have errors, but also will give fraudulent charges just to try to get more money from the consumer. [...]

What is Access Control?

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If you haven't invested in access control yet, now is the time. Access Control benefits you by helping you keep track of who comes in and out of your company. It also keeps people out of certain restricted areas. This type of security can include cards and badges to access doors, keeping record of entries, [...]

Three Tips for Michigan Businesses to Prepare for Transferring to VOIP

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Transferring your Michigan business phone systems to a VOIP, or Voice Over IP, is a great way to bring your company into the modern world of communications. VOIP is basically using the internet to power your phone system, as opposed to the traditional telephone lines. In addition to saving your company money, making this transfer [...]

Three Reasons to Use VOIP

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The VOIP is also known as voice over internet protocol system. This system is commonly used for multiple purposes, anything from meetings to just talking overseas and other long distance. This service was created for people to communicate face to face no matter what the distance between them might be. When first introduced to the [...]