A Call Recorded Phone Call Saved our Customer $2,000

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Awhile back, a customer of our called us because their phone bill was quite higher in the last few months than the previous and as a service we offer free analyses and audit telecom expenses. With This particular phone bill we realized there were some charges that weren’t related directly to the phone bill. As [...]

3 Highly Effective Ways to Lower Business Telecom Costs

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As technology improves almost daily it seems, there are many ways to utilize this technology to help your business operate. Profits are essential for future growth to a company as well.  By combining technology with the idea of profits and ROI businesses can benefit greatly. There are different ways to increase profits depending on the [...]

What You Need to Know About Audio Video Distribution

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  The audio video distribution in your business right now might be spotty and complicated. The actual cabling and infrastructure could be older than your blossoming business and that might have been fine when you were just a small startup but a larger business is going to have visitors coming in to your company and [...]

How to Narrow Down Your Search for Video Surveillance

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The importance of video surveillance is to give you peace of mind every night you lock up your home. While your home might be placed in a safe neighborhood the added protection that video surveillance can give you is going to keep your home safe for you and your family. While shopping for any home [...]

Benefits of a 3CX VoIP Phone System

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The problems of any business is getting your phone system set up, while you might have the simplicity of a single phone while your company still begins to expand you are going to be adding on new lines and looking for a simple way to control your growing client base. Since you are fed up [...]

How to Select the Right Telecom Carriers Partner

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  A telecom carrier is going to operate your telecommunications system for your whole business. The importance of selecting the right telecom carrier’s partner is for the benefit of your payments and your quality. While trying to select a telecom carrier’s partner you might be confused on which carrier partner you need to select for [...]

How Can We Use Video Surveillance Systems?

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 With the ever-increasing capabilities of modern video technology, security and increased productivity for your business has never been closer. As Superior Eagle Communication offers the finest in video surveillance services, along with a host of other electronic and security services, you can discover for yourself the myriad possibilities available to your business.  The benefits of [...]

Benefits of Learning Voice Services Options

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To have a successful business, you need to be able to communicate with your employees and the people you do business transactions with. Therefore, it is important to know what voice service options are available to you. Nowadays there are several different companies to help you with this decision. Some of the options include your [...]

How Can Telecommunications Bill Analysis Help You?

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Phone bills are something that everyone has to deal with in their personal lives, and adding business phone bills on top of that can confuse anyone. Telephone companies often have complicated, confusing layouts and language on their bills that are difficult to decipher, so you often just have to take them at their word that [...]

How Can Cloud Hosted Phone Service Help You?

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Traditional business phone systems are what most people are familiar with, so changing your business to a cloud hosted phone service may seem intimidating. However, the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology has not skipped over phone systems; new and improved technology can help you improve the way your business functions, and make calls go more [...]